The most pleasant server of all!

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The most lamp server of all! is exactly the server where you can get the same experience of playing minecraft, when it was still a lamp game with loyal friends and a small number of people on the server. Administrators are doing everything possible to make the game on the server as pleasant and positive as possible.

What kind of Features are on the server for a better game.
Especially for you.

Activity Support

Administrators constantly make sure that there are no cheaters and spammers on the server with insults.

Stability of the game

The server is optimized even for slow Internet in order to improve the gaming experience of all users.

Great community

A friendly contingent and pleasant-to-communicate users. is Not Only about minecraft
It's More Than That

The project is, first of all, a project aimed at
freedom of speech and expression (including in games), and therefore the author
invites you to familiarize yourself with his website and social network with almost complete freedom of speech

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